Articles & Reviews


"Sounds, Sourced and Unsourced: Aki Onda at the Walker" by Sam Segal,The Green Room, 2015

"Lost City" by Bill Meyer,Dusted, 2015

"Lost City" by Joseph Sannicandro, A Closer Listen, 2015

"South of The Border" by Birkut, Tiny Mix Tapes, 2013

"South of The Border" by Joseph Stannard, The Wire, 2013

"South of The Border" by Christopher Olson, The Liminal, 2012

"Diary" & "First Thought Best Thought" by Chris Kennedy, Musicworks, 2012

"Reeling in The Years" by Clive Bell, The Wire, 2009 *****

"Everydays" by Matthew Wuethrich, The Wire, 2008

"Everydays" by Brian Olewnick, The Spuid's Ear, 2008

"Everydays" by Massimo Ricci, Touching Extremes, 2008

"In Dreams" by Brian Smith, Metro Times, 2008

"Ancient & Modern" by Ed Pinsent, The Sound Projector, 2004

"Bon Voyage!" by Joel Hanson, Resonance, 2004

"Forget Aki Onda" by Ed Baxter, Improvised Music from Japan, 2004

"Aki Onda, Instants Chavirés, Paris" by Dan Warburton, The Wire, 2004

"Shelley Hirsch / Aki Onda at Tonic" by Phil Zampino, The Squid's Ear, 2004

"Ancient & Modern" by Dan Warburton, Paris Transatlantic, 2003

"The Trace Memories and Travels of…" by Ian Penman, The Wire, 2003 *****

"Ancient & Modern" by Andy Beta, Pitchfork, 2003

"Existential Electronica" Rob Young, The Wire, 1999