Februry 14, 2020

Aki Onda - Cassette Memories Re-issues on Room 40
Volume One - Ancient And Modern (DRM456)
Volume Two - Bon Voyage! (DRM457)
Volume Three - South Of The Border (DRM458)

An edition of 200 artist book is published in conjunction with these re-issues
featuring new artworks and essays

Akio Suzuki and Aki Onda at the Baldwin Hills Scenic Overlook (organized by SASSAS), Los Angeles, 2017
Photo by Wild Don Lewis

Score by Akio Suzuki and Aki Onda

Cassette Memories in Sokolowsko, 2018
Photo by Kazimierz Ździebło

Aki Onda’s Notes for Cassette Memories in Sokolowsko, 2018
(a part of collage was made in collaboration with Kama Sokolnicka)

Reflections and Repercussions at Black Mountain College Museum + Art Center, Asheville, NC, USA, 2019
Photo by Kate Averett
Score by Aki Onda

Cassette Memories at Stone Bell House, Prague, 2019
Photo by Jan Bartoš
Score by Aki Onda