Reflections and Repercussions

Reflections and Repercussions (2018 – on going)
multi-media performance 

A multi-media performance exploring the interplay among luminosity, acoustic, and architectural relationships within the space. Performing with various types of lightning equipment such as theater lights, flashlights, bare light bulb, mirrors and other objects, I arrange and rearrange the tools composing the visual and aural as a total environments. The complex relationship between the concrete and the ephemeral is explored.

2018     Drawing Center, New York, USA (feafuring Ying Liu)
2019     Crow Museum of Asian Art / SOLUNA International Music & Arts Festival, Dallas, USA (feafuring Samita Sinha)

             Black Mountain College Museum + Arts Center, Asheville, USA
             Toronto Biennale, Toronto, Canada   upcoming

Photos by Maki Kaoru